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What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s new open source initiative which aims to make HTML web pages into light-weight webpages. It is compared to a blend between the current formatting which can be too much for phone browsers and the old dedicated mobile sites which unfortunately lacks in feature. These pages give the reader a better reading experience as well as better revenues for advertisers on websites. Ads can now load faster with these light-weight AMP pages. Bounce rate will be minimal and Google bots can crawl websites effectively. Websites with many animations and graphics can now load immediately even with ads.

Developer Codes

Independent developers and non-Googlers can take advantage of the project and incorporate the codes into their own software. Github contains the AMP JS library which has all the custom tags and code needed for the transition. Eventually, the goal is to turn all web pages into AMP Pages and make this platform available to all kinds of phones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Articles from these pages are featured with the lightning bolt signal to stand out from the pages that are not updated yet. Google gives articles with similar topics to AMP Pages in a “carousel” so the user doesn’t have to search for more information on the topic elsewhere.


Google announced that millions of publishers have already adapted to this open source system. Google has more than 150 million AMP docs in their index and almost 4 million sites are added each week. Maricia Scott, Engineering Director of Google News said that “there is a new AMP carousel filled with important headlines and stories of the day. Users can browse up to 14 headlines there quickly, and click any article to jump into the viewer, which is optimized for fast-loading articles.” Recently, these special pages will soon be shown in Google’s search results instead of being at the Top Stories carousel only. These pages will now be prominent in Google search making it more urgent for publishers to have AMP pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


Last March, Google has fully rolled out its mobile-friendly algorithm. Mobile-friendly websites will have higher ranking signals compared to non-responsive websites. This is commonly referred to as “mobilegeddon” or “mobilepocalypse”. Websites that do not conform to the mobile platform have a hard time ranking high in mobile searches. Could there be a coming doom for non-Amp websites? As more websites are adapting to this new platform, will we see future low ranking “punishment” for other websites? Wise business owners should prepare for these possible changes, it is best to partner with web consultants and developers who know how to deploy the fast-loading pages.  Consult with developers that have experience with responsive web design (RWD) so your website can load faster and rank better in Google searches. Adept developers can help websites HTML pages to new AMP HTML pages. Investing on this new format could improve your viewers’ browsing experience, and it may possibly result in a higher ranking in the search engines.

Industry leaders and publishers have already adopted to AMP and expect more to follow suit.

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