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Cashing on Pokemon Go For Your Business

Cashing on Pokemon Go For Your Business

Pokemon Go for business

Niantic-Nintendo’s Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm! Everyone is going crazy over this augmented reality game that sends people (Pokemon Trainers) walking down the streets and catching cute Pokémons with Pokeballs . Also, the nostalgia it evoked of the old Game Boy made the mobile app to be downloaded on more than twice as Tinder,  have a higher number of daily users than Twitter and to date has added a phenomenal $7.5 Billion to its company’s market value.

People are literally using their legs to find for Pokestops where they can gather stuff like Pokeballs or look for gyms where Pokemons struggle for supremacy. This game gives an amazing experience of letting the digital interact with the real environment. Local business owners should know how to tap on this opportunity to increase foot traffic to their locations. This fad may not be famous forever but for the meantime, owners must find creative ways to take advantage of this Pokemon craze.

Check on Pokestops and Gyms

Pokemon Go uses the online map portals created by Ingress, another HUD (heads-up display) game by Niantic, a start-up at Google founded by John Hanke. With the establishment of Google’s Alpahabet, Niantic separated as an independent entity. Pokemon Go and Ingress use Google’s mapping technology to help users navigate the game.  Restaurants, churches, stores, theaters and other establishments found in Google Business could be marked as Pokestops. Install the Ingress map on your phone and discover if your businesses is a Pokestop or a Gym.

To those businesses and organizations who have invested in establishing their presence with Google My Business may have a higher chance of benefitting from the foot traffic that Pokemon Go has offered.

Alluring Lures and Incense

Pokemon Go Lures and Incense are the new buzzwords for mobile advertising. Users can purchase Incense, a mysterious “fragrance” that attract wild Pokemons for 30 minutes. Lures, which cost $.99 can be used at Pokestops to attract Pokemons and players for 30 minutes as well. Many players can flock at locations where Lures are offered. Business advertising can now be translated to Lures and Incense. For this small amount of money, business owners can encourage players to visit their place and buy products from them too!

Apply the power of the hashtags

     Utilize Pokémon’s powerful presence in social media.  You can introduce your business to the world by creating discounts for Pokémon players and announcing it on social media.  Get the word around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  that you will host lures at a certain time. Give incentives for players who can catch Pokemons near your store. See ‘em coming for more.

The world has yet to know if Pokemon is just a fad or a permanent success but wise local store owners with great business acumen would find creative means to cash on this phenomenal hit.

Secure your Google My Business Now

Augmented Reality apps and games will just grow bigger and those who have established their online presence in online listings such as Google My Business, Google places and much more will be positioned to rake the benefits of this technology.

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