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Voice Search Technology- The future of Search (SEO)

Voice Search Technology- The future of Search (SEO)


Voice search is virtually exploding. People ask their phones and other voice interaction devices  for just about anything under the sun. Google Voice can assist you in your Android devices. You can ask Cortana to look for the nearest Thai restaurant or ask Alexa to make a grocery list for you and ask Google Home to mark the calendar for the upcoming party. Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are your new cutting edge personal assistants. These are amazing ways to get information for web searches, news, travel, banking and finance, travel, online shopping, local events, TV listings, online bookings, making phone calls and a whole lot more!


Check out voice search’s statistics. Last year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that 20 percent of mobile searches  and other Android devices are actually voice searches. The number is only growing. Earlier this year he announced that Google’s speech recognition has only about 4.9 percent error. He said, Our word error rate continues to improve even in very noisy environments. This is why if you speak to Google on your phone or Google Home, we can pick up your voice accurately.” Amazing!


Behshad Behzadi, Principal Engineer at Google Zurich also mentioned last March at the SMX West that voice search is the fastest growing type of search. He emphasized that voice search is  growing faster than typed search. Activities like driving and cooking are times when voice is the best way to interact and it’s becoming more and more acceptable to talk to a phone.


Search engine optimization  (SEO) used to  capitalized on desktop searches then to  mobile searches and now natural spoken language could be studied for possible voice searches (thanks to the great linguist Noam Chomsky!)

Voice search technology is the future of SEO.

Are you optimized for conversational search?Is your site ready for this new trend? 


  1. Anticipate more direct conversational queries.

Use conversational keywords. Consider  three-word phrase and more that mobile users will likely ask. Think of possible phrases that they will use and incorporate these in your pages.

  1. Add voice search in your website

Make your site compatible for voice search technology. With the help of  your web developer, you can come up with a voice search making your site more user-friendly.

  1. Optimize your site’s loading time. 

                     Mobile technology requires fast loading websites. Do you want the most affordable and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) in search engine optimization? Invest in optimizing your website speed!

  1. Bring back your FAQs page.

                   Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will come in handy this time. These possible questions are more likely the same questions that users will ask on queries. Make sure you include those direct conversational keywords. This way, search engines can crawl over your site and rank you better.

  1. Have you claimed your Google My Business Listing?

Sign up your site in Google My Business and other local listings like Yelp and Merchant Circle. Voice search recognizes the location of the user.To answer the query, voice search suggests the establishments near the user. Therefore, accurate and detailed information in these local listings can increase your ranking in search engines. The reviews on your local listings can also help the chances of coming up in search results.


Voice search technology is the future of search.  The ease and comfort that voice search offers will change the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world.

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