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Suggestions for Web Images Optimization

Suggestions for Web Images Optimization


As a Visual Storyteller at Jeruel Photography and Internet Marketing Strategist at Sign8 SEO I strongly believe in the power of images. To come up with beautiful and compelling images for your website, I list the following suggestions drawing from my years of experience in various photography sessions and web design and development. Your web photos and images are potential tools in sales marketing.

  1. Use real photos of real people.

In 2010, Nielsen Norman Group released eyetracking studies on website images. The results were conclusive: unrealistic stock photos are usually ignored while real photos of people and products are scrutinized. Of course, users can’t be fooled.  Avoid using stock photos of “perfect” people that are obviously staged in “perfect” office settings. These generic images will drive users away rather than engage visitors. Use images that truthfully represent your products and your services. Show them the people who they are dealing with, the production process and the real product specification.  Customers will be interested to do know more about your business if they see relevant pictures on your website.

  1. Be artistic not just efficient.

The advertising trend nowadays is geared toward efficiency and practicability. Sometimes websites become a mere tool for showcasing products and services sans the art of photography. The images are conjured simply for targeting market. I believe, website designs must put back the joy of giving pleasure to the eyes. It is good to embed beautiful and compelling images because in reality we are all visual creatures. Give your users a wonderful website experience through your authentic and pleasing images.


  1. Don’t get sued. Acknowledge your image source. Take your own pictures.

If your images are taken from other sources, don’t forget to acknowledge them. It is best to give credit to whom it is due. Avoid issues with image rights and royalties by making sure the images are safe to use. Obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.  Better yet, take your own pictures. With your own smartphone, you can take good images of your own products and services.

  1. Invest in custom professional photography.

There are many photographers that can take good customized photos for your website. However, choose photography agencies that know web design and user interface as well. These agencies can give you suggestions that can give your images the edge for search engine optimization. You can have elegant images intently created for sales marketing.

  1. Make sure these graphic images are optimized for faster loading web pages.

High-definition images can delay loading of web pages. Make sure to optimize your images so users would not get frustrated of your web speed. You can find  many plugins which can automatically optimize images or you can seek help from third-party digital marketing agencies for this special website need.

Evaluate your website images now. Are they optimized?   Seek help with  a digital marketing agency and invest in the optimization of your website.



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